The start


On April 23, 1896, a group of Bremen shipowners and merchants founded the “Deutsche Dampffischerei-Gesellschaft NORDSEE” on the initiative of Adolf Vinnen. The company’s own fishing fleet starts with seven fish steamers. The idea was that not only people in the company’s home area but people in the coastal interior of the country should have constant access to high-quality fresh fish. The first sales counter opened in Bremen the same year.

A private harbor


With a fleet that has already grown to 16 steamers, NORDSEE opens its own fishing port in Nordenham on April 20, 1897.

The year of the mergers


The company joins several deep-sea fisheries on the Lower Weser and the Elbe estuary. The company is now called “Deutsche Dampffischerei-Gesellschaft NORDSEE”. NORDSEE starts the Greenland fishery in the same year.

An own fishing industry


Thanks to further mergers, NORDSEE now operates almost half of all German fishing vessels. The foundation for their own powerful fish industry has been laid.

Proud workforce


Not only has the number of branches increased to 128 shops in Germany and 32 in Austria, but the NORDSEE workforce is also growing steadily and already includes 4,400 employees.

The Second World War


The outbreak of World War II stops this positive development because the largest fish steamers are seized for the navy. Air raids in Germany destroy numerous restaurants as well as nearly the entire building complex of the central administration.

Consolidation of the branch network


After NORDSEE recovers from the damage of World War II, the company continues to build restaurants and creates a host of exemplary fish specialties. 250 branches in Germany and 41 locations in Austria already exist at the time.

The NORDSEE Quick – a high flyer


With the opening of the first “Quick” restaurant, NORDSEE launches a completely new type of restaurant concept for Germany at the time. The resounding success means that the number of restaurants explodes in the following years.

The 100. „Quick“ Restaurant


A record year for NORDSEE: 16 new branches open in the Federal Republic of Germany; the opening of the 100th “Quick" restaurant in Göttingen resembles a small folk festival.

Outsourcing of the fishing fleet


The fleet is spun off into the newly established Fischfang-Union on January 1 and is no longer part of NORDSEE’s core business.

It continues


In order to further expand its leading position within the industry, the business is realigned at the end of the year: The previously separate operating divisions of the restaurant and retail sectors are combined under a single management.

Happy Birthday NORDSEE


NORDSEE celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Focus on gastronomy and retail


The wholesale company Deutsche See is sold at the beginning of the year. The NORDSEE Group now focuses on its hospitality and retail business.

Fit for Future


The new apprenticeship program initiated and co-organized by NORDSEE bears fruit. The first apprentices successfully complete their exam. NORDSEE receives the training Oscar for the creation of the new apprenticeship program.

Strategic reorientation of the brand


NORDSEE initiates the strategic reorientation of the company on the basis of a large-scale market study and internal analysis. The focus is on the new brand positioning between tradition, naturalness and innovation.

NORDSEE „We are fish.“


For more than 119 years, NORDSEE has been providing people throughout Germany and Austria with fresh fish and delicious fish products. Because that is our mission. Fish as it should be - natural and fresh. The eponymous image campaign “We are fish” starts in 2015.

NORDSEE turns 120 years


For more than 120 years, NORDSEE has been providing people throughout Germany and Austria with fresh fish and delicious fish products. Because that is our mission. Fish as it should be – natural and fresh.