Fish thought new

That's right: From now on, our Baked Fish Baguette and our delicious Spicy Tuna Baguette are also available without fish! We call it VISCH - just as delicious, but plant-based. We are the first fast food company to offer you a vegetarian alternative to fish and are taking a step towards a more varied and conscious diet.

Is a plant-based product automatically vegetarian or vegan?  

No, because there is a difference between plant-based and vegan/vegetarian: Our vegan fish substitute products, for example, are made from soybeans, i.e. soy protein or soy protein concentrate. In our plant-based products, three types of base mixes are processed, consisting in variable parts of rice flour, wheat flour and proteins from legumes. Thus, our plant-based products are also vegan in origin, but may come into contact with fish during preparation. In contrast, vegan products are made entirely without animal ingredients and prepared without contact with them, so they do not contain meat, eggs, dairy products or honey, for example. Vegetarian means that there is no meat or fish in the products, but dairy, eggs or honey may be included. 

How do I distinguish plant-based products from fish products? 

We identify our plant-based range by a green color scheme and the additional designation "plant-based" or "vegan" or a "V" instead of an "F" in the word (V)fish. For example, "plant-based shrimp box" or "plant-based baked fish." Our vegan products are vegan certified and marked with the V logo.

Our Team Green

Thats right, our Backfisch got a plant-based sibling now! And of course our Backvisch-Baguette still has everything the heart desires: spicy remoulade, fresh salad and delicious baguette - new is the tasty plant-based Backvisch.

Our Vegan "Tuna" flatbread is just as tasty as the original, only in vegan. Plant-based soy "tuna" alternative in chili cream with capers, red cabbage slaw and salad mix topped with cheddar-flavored sauce and fried onions in a pumpkinseed flatbread.


Off to new delicious shores