Grill every fish perfectly!

We show you how your grilled fish and seafood will be perfectly delicious!

Skip the sausage for a day and dive into the delicious world of grilled fish. We show you how easy it is to grill fish here with our personal professional tips. In a few minutes you will learn everything you need to know to be the master of grilling fish.

Entire fish

If you want to grill an entire fish we recommend a dorade, trout, char or sea bass. The consistency and size of their meat is ideal for grilling.

Bevor you put the fish on the grill it should be gutted and washed. You can also inscribe the skin every 1 to 3 centimeters so that your marinade and herbs can soak in best.

After this preparation lubricate the fish a little bit and put it on the grill. There is no need for lubricating the grill itself.

The entire fish is perfectly grilled when the dorsal fin is loosening easily.

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In general you should grill fillets with their attached skin. This natural protection keeps the fish juicy.

Fish with more fat such as salmon, trout, zander or sea bass are suited better for grilling than others.

Lubricate the fillet a little bit and put it then gently on the grill. In order to achieve the perfect crust you should first grill the side of the fillet with the skin on it. This side should be grilled the longest. After the meat is well done to 2/3 you can turn it and finish grilling it.

In case you don’t have fillets with skin you can always take advantage of a grill dish. This also prevents the fillets from sticking to the grill and keeps it juicy.

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Plank grilling

Have you ever tried this awesome way of grilling fish? It is quite easy!

For preparation you need only to insert the wood in water (~over night) and marinade the fish based on your preferences. Pre-heat the grill, put the wood on it and then close the grill. After 4 to 5 minutes smoke will rise. Now you can put the fish on the wood (skin side downwards). Now you only have to wait until your fish is well done.

For this method of grilling we recommend salmons, trouts and chars.

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Shellfish with shell

If you like lobsters or big prawns you should definitely grill them. Their shell acts as a natural protection shield and guarantees a juicy and delicious meat.

You can either grill them as a whole or detach the meat from the shell first, but then put the meat in the shell back again. Some people detach the meat from the shell before grilling in order to ease eating the shellfish later. In either case you should position the shellfish directly over the ember. Grill them a lot or you can also close the grill.

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Shellfish without shell

You can grill lobster, prawns & co anytime without their shell. Simply put them on the grill and cook them with medium heat. Alternatively you can also put them on a skewer or in a grill grid.

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Shellfish with a butterfly cut

Every prawn-lover knows the so called butterfly cut. In that case the prawn is cut the longitudinal to its tail, but it is not cut across. The ends are still attached to each other. If you want to grill shellfish with a butterfly cut you should use a grill grid. This eases the turning and also prevents it from breaking on two.

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Photo credits: Norwegian Seafood Council