Fish on the grill

Simple, delicious and totally trendy. Let´s grill!

It is Sunday and the sun is shining. The children are running around happily in the yard. A large table is surrounded by greenery, covered with a white tablecloth and colorful porcelain. Lemon-mint water in a carafe, meadow flowers and freshly-baked herbal bread are already on the table. Your friends are sitting around the table together, chatting, telling stories, laughing.  Smoke is rising from the grill. You have Atlantic char topped with fresh thyme, oregano and rosemary, lightly drizzled with olive oil and orange juice. The wine is being poured. The head of the house puts the fish directly on the hot grill in a grill basket. After a few minutes, the smell of grilled fish spreads through the whole neighborhood. The guests talk about how wonderful it smells. After 15 minutes your Atlantic char is ready. Someone cuts the fish gently with a fork and knife. Steam rises from the inside. The first bite. Juicy and tender. Wonderful flavor. It's a Summer Sunday to dream of.

And it's a dream that is becoming a real grilling trend in Germany. Salmon, tuna, zander etc. are increasingly becoming competition for beef and pork when it comes to grilling. Grilled fish is conquering outdoor cookouts. It's no wonder because fish is one of the most delicious and healthiest meals - and is the perfect light dish for the summer. Grilling fish is easy. You can learn everything you need to know about grilling fish in a few minutes here. There is everything you need from recipes to tips – from scallops to Atlantic char, sea bream to shrimp, all the most popular fish types are included.  We wish you a lot of fun – until the sun goes down, the char is gone and the day slowly comes to an end with everyone content. A beautiful day..

Photo Credits: Norwegian Seafood Council