Shrimps & Chips

Best taste - nothing else comes into our bag!

This duo complements each other perfectly: Our crispy baked garlic shrimp with delicious fries already prepare you the absolute
absolute delight. The fine cocktail sauce tops it all off. Enjoy it!

The nutritional values refer to the snack size Shrimps & Chips normal.

Nutritional information

100g portion
Calorie values ​​(kJ) 897 1973
Calorie values ​​(kcal) 214 470
Fat (g) 7,3 16
of which saturated fatty acids (g) 0,89 2,0
Carbohydrates (g) 30 66
of which sugar (g) 0,79 1,7
Protein (g) 5 11
Salt (g) 1,4 3,0


Gluten-containing grain Wheat
Shell fish and shell-fish products

Fresh, natural ingredients & the best preparation!

We love our fish and want everyone to be able to enjoy fish fresh and simple with enthusiasm and a clear conscience. That is why we deliberately avoid the use of flavor enhancers, artificial flavors and genetically modified ingredients. In addition, our fish products come exclusively from quoted catches.