Tuna wrap

Filled, rolled, covered ... THE hand-rolled wrap for tuna lovers!

Tuna fans will love it. Juicy tuna with tartar sauce, tomatos and crispy lettuce. Everything rolled up together in a nice tomato tortilla. Our wraps are handmade and freshly prepared at the restaurant.

Nutritional information

100g portion
Calorie values ​​(kJ) 692 1308
Calorie values ​​(kcal) 165 312
Fat (g) 8,8 16,6
of which saturated fatty acids (g) 1,2 2,4
Carbohydrates (g) 14,4 27,2
of which sugar (g) 2,6 4,9
Protein (g) 6,9 13,1
Salt (g) 0,66 1,2


Gluten-containing grain Wheat
Eggs and egg products
Fish and fish products
Milk and milk products Including lactose
Celery and celery products
Mustard and mustard products

What fish does it contain?


Thunfisch bei NORDSEE Thunfisch bei NORDSEE Thunfisch bei NORDSEE Thunfisch bei NORDSEE

In addition to salmon, it is a high-fat fish that contains a lot of omega-3 fatty acids and is known for its firm meat and its mild, salty taste. So Tuna is ideal for grilling or pan-frying.

Did you know that the biggest tuna can grow up to 4.5 meters long? And weigh more than 800 kilograms – that’s amazing! Tuna is also a top athlete among fish; when hunting, tuna can reach a top speed of up to 75 km/h. Due to its high muscle activity, the body temperature of tuna in contrast with other fish is higher than the surrounding water temperature. The age of the tuna can also be read in a similar way to a tree by looking at the annual rings in the cross section of the vertebrae.

Fishing area

Region map
FAO fishing area: 71, 51
Other fishing area: Midwest Pacific, Western Indian Ocean
Fishing method: Encircling, lift nets, purse seines
Sustainable fisheries: -

Hand-rolled fresh every day on site!

Fresh ingredients, excellent quality and a lot of love and enthusiasm in the preparation – our wraps are hand-rolled and cut every day for you on site!