Salad with shrimps and mozzarella

A salad ... with shrimp!

We have the solution for people who cannot get enough shrimp: a crisp salad with a colorful mix of vegetables and high-quality shrimp in a bowl. With a baguette and dressing of your choice.

Nutritional information

100g portion
Calorie values ​​(kJ) 626 3355
Calorie values ​​(kcal) 149 800
Fat (g) 6,1 32,5
of which saturated fatty acids (g) 1,6 8,6
Carbohydrates (g) 16,7 89,5
of which sugar (g) 1,5 7,9
Protein (g) 6,6 35,2
Salt (g) 0,61 3,3


Gluten-containing grain Wheat, Rye, Barley
Shell fish and shell-fish products
Eggs and egg products
Soy and soy products
Milk and milk products Including lactose

What fish does it contain?


Cocktailgarnele bei NORDSEE Cocktailgarnele bei NORDSEE Cocktailgarnele bei NORDSEE Cocktailgarnele bei NORDSEE

These crustaceans with extremely tender and delicious meat are sold under many names: Shrimp, prawns, gambas. They are a very popular and widespread delicacy that were previously only a delightful, exotic dish from far-away lands. Today, shrimp are an indispensable part of our plates. King prawns are especially large crustaceans. Black tiger shrimp are another special genus of giant shrimp, which are bred in Asia.

Shrimp are generally classified into marine, freshwater and brackish shrimps. While the former are self-explanatory, brackish shrimps live in marine estuaries where fresh and salt water mix. Most of our shrimp are freshwater shrimp. All shrimp are especially suited to grilling but can also be enjoyed in many other ways: boiled, roasted, caramelized, in a curry, in soups or plain – they're always a treat!

Did you know that shrimp have many ingredients that are vital to the human body, including fluorine, iodine, iron, calcium, magnesium and vitamin B12? Shrimp are also rich in protein and unsaturated fatty acids.

Our shrimp come from sustainable fisheries. So you can enjoy our superb shrimp with a clean conscience.

Fishing area

Region map
FAO fishing area: 57, 71
Other fishing area: Vietnam, Thailand
Fishing method: Aquaculture
Sustainable fisheries: -

Fresh, natural ingredients & the best preparation!

We love our fish and want everyone to enjoy fresh and easy-to-eat fish with a clear conscience. That is why we consciously avoid using flavor enhancers, artificial flavors and genetically-modified ingredients. Our fish products also come exclusively from regulated catches.