Pollock and egg baguette

A highlight for people who love the familiar salty taste of pollock!

Spicy and incredibly delicious! The spicy pollock delivers its familiar salty taste. Combined with a boiled egg, crisp lettuce and our spicy tartar sauce, it is simply unbeatable!

Nutritional information

100g portion
Calorie values ​​(kJ) 892 1294
Calorie values ​​(kcal) 213 308
Fat (g) 8,8 12,7
of which saturated fatty acids (g) 1,6 2,3
Carbohydrates (g) 21,5 31,2
of which sugar (g) 1,1 1,6
Protein (g) 9,9 14,3
Salt (g) 1,9 2,8


Gluten-containing grain Wheat
Eggs and egg products
Fish and fish products
Celery and celery products
Mustard and mustard products

What fish does it contain?


Seelachs bei NORDSEE Seelachs bei NORDSEE Seelachs bei NORDSEE Seelachs bei NORDSEE

Did you know that pollock, which is called “ocean salmon” in some languages, has nothing to do with salmon? It actually belongs to the codfish family. When the yield of genuine salmon was reduced in central European rivers at the beginning of the 20th century, this fish became a worthy substitute and was given the trade name “ocean salmon”. Originally, however, it was not very popular because fish fans did not like the appearance of the raw meat which is dark to grayish. But pollock meat actually becomes light when it is cooked. As a solution, the fish was often dyed and distributed as a cheaper "salmon substitute". This marketing method helped the fish to break through.

In the past, pollock was also known as "coalfish" because of its black mouth. However, pollock has now become so popular, with its white, firm meat, that it is indispensable to German cuisine. Pollock is often used to make fresh fish cakes or served as a crispy baked fish or fish sticks. The firm meat is also suited to grilling.

Our pollock comes from sustainable aquaculture. So you can enjoy our superb pollock with a clear conscience.

Fishing area

Region map
FAO fishing area: 67, 61
Other fishing area: Okhotsk Sea, eastern/western Beringsee, Gulf of Alaska
Fishing method: Trawls
Sustainable fisheries: -

NORDSEE certification

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Crispy baked rolls covered with excellent fish!

Excellent ingredients and preparation by hand make our fish sandwiches taste fresh and delicious. Our baguettes are baked fresh for you daily and then topped with the best fish and other delicious ingredients.