Mixed salad

The perfect companion to any fish dish!

Whether it’s for a small snack in between or as an accompaniment to one of our delicious fish dishes – our NORDSEE salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and chives, goes well with anything. With a baguette and dressing of your choice.

Nutritional information

100g portion
Calorie values ​​(kJ) 64 128
Calorie values ​​(kcal) 15 31
Fat (g) 0,2 0,4
of which saturated fatty acids (g) 0,0 0,1
Carbohydrates (g) 2,4 4,7
of which sugar (g) 1,4 2,8
Protein (g) 0,9 1,9
Salt (g) 0,03 0,06