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Pro toto quid contribuamus - Let us act for the whole!

Pro toto quid contribuamus - Let us act for the whole!

Since 1899 all our sustainable activities have been following the motto “Pro toto quid contribuamus”. It urges all those involved in the company to make a contribution to the whole. By this we mean that all employees assume responsibility for the ecological and social aspects that are connected with the company, even beyond NORDSEE. As the premier fish expert, it is in our own interest to act in the interest of nature and to protect our most important resource: fish.

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Freshness, naturalness and quality

We are guided by values ​​such as reliability and quality as well as naturalness and freshness. We want our product range with its variety, simplicity and sourcing transparency to inspire our guests. That is why we at NORDSEE avoid using flavor enhancers, artificial flavors and genetically-modified ingredients. When designing our menu and products, fresh ideas, naturalness and variety are particularly important.

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Our organic product range

All German branches with a seafood buffet are certified according to organic regulations and offer organic products. The organic label identifies products and foods that have been produced and inspected in accordance with EU legislation on organic farming. The organic seal stands for ecological production and animal welfare.


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Pure regionality

In addition to naturalness and organic production, regionality is of utmost importance to us. The fresh vegetables that are offered in our restaurants in restaurants in Germany come primarily from regional cultivation – i.e. from Germany – or from within the EU in the winter if the products are not available from Germany. The traceability of all our raw materials is guaranteed all the way to the farm without any gaps.

Responsible purchasing

The aim is to source the fish through environmentally friendly and sound fishing.

The aim is to source the fish through environmentally friendly and preserving fishing.

We are a member of the Federal Association of the German Fishing Industry and Fish Wholesale e. V. The "Sustainable Fisheries" initiative founded in 1996 formulates the purchasing agreements by which we abide.  NORDSEE fish is 82.4% wild and 17.6% aquaculture. In total, we source 86.5% of raw fish stock from certified stocks. Leader is the Alaska pollock, followed by herring and pollock.

Purchasing agreements for sustainable fishing

Since the fishing industry – especially in certain countries – relies heavily on the purchase of fish and raw materials, the initiative has formulated purchasing agreements. With the help of such agreements, the industry contributes to the protection of the oceans and supports sustainable fishing. NORDSEE seafood suppliers are committed to the principles of the Sustainable Fisheries Initiative through voluntary purchasing agreements. Among other things, the agreements guarantee that they reject illegal, unreported and unregulated fish trade. In addition, suppliers certify that the fish delivered come from areas where there are regulated catch quantities.

We also support the call for more effective controls at sea and in ports. As a contribution to this, we are continuously working to optimize traceability and transparency throughout the supply chain. The traceability of our fish in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1224/2009 is guaranteed from the plate back to the supplier and the catch location. This also applies to all other raw materials. In addition, we continue to support all efforts in EU legislation to minimize discards.

Our relationships with our key suppliers have existed for decades and are based on the highest quality standards. Beyond the trust placed in us, some time ago we developed binding rules in the form of mission statements, a code of conduct for suppliers and service providers, and a guideline for sustainable procurement. This package of measures helps to anchor sustainability throughout the supply chain and contributes to the careful use of natural resources and the resources of the sea.

NORDSEE certifications at a glance

Our fresh fish counters carry the following certifications:

No sale of endangered fish species

We believe endangered fish species should not be sold.

Our most important measure for the protection of endangered fish species is to voluntarily refrain from selling them. NORDSEE has been doing so for years and supports measures that contribute to the protection and recovery of fish stocks.