Sustainability at NORDSEE

We are proud of our sustainably sourced fish and act responsibly and respectfully.

NORDSEE has offered the highest quality fish and seafood since 1896 in Germany and since 1899 in Austria. We are proud of our sustainably sourced fish and act respectfully based on our environmental, social and economic responsibility. A cross-departmental sustainability committee steers the further development of NORDSEE's sustainability management.

Responsibility for us means much more than just delicious products

At NORDSEE, sustainability is a very important concern, which we pursue with the highest standards in all areas of the company.

Responsibility for our employees and for society as well as the protection of the environment are deeply rooted in our corporate DNA. This applies to the development of our fish specialties as well as to our store design, packaging, and the energy consumption in each restaurant. These are just a few of the many important efforts we make in sustainability. Consciousness and sensitivity to sustainable development are growing steadily and are becoming increasingly important to NORDSEE suppliers, service providers and customers as well as employees.