Company history


Discover the milestones of our unique history starting with the founding of our own fleet of fish steamers to today’s wonderful restaurants! You can navigate back and forth using the control points below the text.

Our passion for fish

When Adolf Vinnen, Paul Barckhan, Wilhelm Oelze and Johann Friedrich Lampe signed the charter on the morning of April 23, 1896 founding the “Deutsche Dampffischerei-Gesellschaft NORDSEE”, these far-sighted Hanseatic entrepreneurs embarked on an adventure: Starting with 16 fish steamers, the goal was to bring the best of the seas to plates across the country.

The first sales counter opened in Bremen the same year. A year later, a private port is put into operation. Thanks to further mergers in 1930, the foundation was laid for its own powerful fishing industry. In 1955, the branch network has already grown to 250 locations. With the launch of the NORDSEE Quick Restaurants in 1965, NORDSEE shows its pioneering spirit and offers a completely new gastronomic concept. 2014 focuses on the future of the brand: NORDSEE initiates the strategic reorientation of the company. The focus is on clear brand positioning between tradition, naturalness, freshness and innovation.

After more than 120 years, we still stand for unbroken passion, respect and a pioneering spirit in dealing with fish and its preparation. We are experts in fish, offering fresh and natural fish every day to our appreciated customers. NORDSEE – We are fish.